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We're a specialized storage company

We specialize in retrieving data from the internet and putting it into your personal, private space.


People sharing your internet connection. They hate you!

With, you won't disturb them, because you won't be hogging all the bandwidth.

Get to your files from anywhere

Any device that has a browser can access your files. The ones that can play MP4 videos, access them better.

Huge files are hard to get

Not with Data flows towards us. Gigabytes of data is retrieved at blazing speeds.

Watch RSS feeds

And automatically start transfer jobs. Works great with podcasts and other clever contraptions.

Twitter love (thanks).



( is) like a golden retriever crossbred with Dropbox.


It's services like that are behind why Google executives argue desktops will be irrelevant in three years, why Steve Ballmer says Microsoft is betting the bank on the cloud, and why storage stats for the newest gadget are becoming less and less important.Everything is going to the cloud.


Change the Way You Store and Stream Media Files with


The user interface and design of the site is intuitive and easy to use, but perhaps more importantly it was extremely fast during our tests and easily maxed out our connection.


A kind of cloud-based TiVo

Techie Buzz is your personal retrieval expert. Say Hello!

Beware the Integrations!

It's Playing App for iPhone and iPad

The best video player for iOS, just integrated

Created by Addition, Lda

Roku ready

You can access your content with your Roku using our private channel (Supports subtitles).

Created by Burak Sezer

Works on Boxee

One of our first integrations was with the amazing media center platform Boxee. Lets you access your content from Boxee.

Created by Cem Baspinar & Aybars Badur

Jolidrive: Get your life together.

Access your content from inside the most simple and elegant user interface for the cloud: Jolidrive.

Created by Jolicloud

Easy Chrome plugin

A Chrome plugin which nearly does everything can.

Created by: Baptiste Vincent

XBMC plugin

We have a plugin for the first ever media center app. Access your content from XBMC

Created by: Alper Kanat & Aybars Badur app for Android

Here's a wonderful Android client for

Created by: Steven Schoen

Built-in OpenSubtitles support

We've connected our player to the excellent OpenSubtitles API.

Created by:

Get your files from our FTP Server

Those nasty old NAS'es wouldn't play with otherwise.

Created by: